7. Sherlock Holmes is back: A study in pink

Sherlock BBC

  1. How does Sherlock meet Dr.Watson?
  2. Where does he live? Why does he need a housemate? Why does he find it difficult to find someone to share his house with?
  3. Who is Mrs. Hudson?
  4. Who is Lestrade?
  5. Why does he need Holme’s help?
  6. Why is the new victim different from the previous ones?
  7. What does Sherlock deduce about the victim?
  8. Why does he think there must be a suitcase missing?
  9. Who is Rachel?
  10. How does Sherlock find out who the murderer is?
  11. How does Watson help Holmes?
  12. Who is the mysterious man who tried to bribe Watson and called himself Sherlock’s archenemy?